ALPHA® HiTech Edgebond

ALPHA HiTech Edgebond is a one component, heat curable material. It is an epoxy material to be dispensed on the corners of the BGA. Upon deposition, it will not flow beneath the BGA, an important criterion to avoid contact with outer solder balls.  The cured Edgebond will help to strengthen the soldered assembled component so it can pass reliability tests such as Drop Shock, Impact Bend and Thermal Cycle (TCT). 

ALPHA HiTech Edgebond end market is in portables such as Graphic Cards, Notebook, Tablets, as well as assembled boards in Automotive and Medical accessories. Users of the ALPHA Hi-Tech Edgebond product can benefit from the following key product features:

  • An excellent lower cost option to conventional underfilling process since higher material volume for capillary flow is not required
  • Offers an effective process option to conventional underfilling process
  • Has excellent adhesion to FR4
  • Halogen Free


Edgebond Epoxy

ALPHA HiTech CF12-4485B is a one-component, low temperature cure, Edgebond epoxy system. It is designed to provide protection to the solder joint during mechanical stress. 

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Heat Curable Edgebond Epoxy

ALPHA HiTech CF31-4010 is a one component, high filler content, heat curable Edgebond. It is an epoxy- based material to be dispensed on the corners (corner bonding) or edges (edge bonding) of the BGA devices.

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